At Robertson, we ensure that all our product is finished to the highest standards. This means that it is finished often by hand, either through patination, brushing or by polishing. We have a range of finishes of which ten are the core (seen below), however, if you require a specific finish to your taste, we have over three hundred available, or even a custom finish to your specific desire.

Polished Chrome – Plated Finish

Dark Antique Brass – Patinated Finish

Dark Imitation Bronze – Patinated Finish

Light Antique Brass – Patinated Finish

Light Imitation Bronze – Patinated Finish

Polished Nickel – Plated Finish

Polished Brass – Original finish

Satin Brass – Original Finish

Satin Chrome – Plated Finish

Polished Nickel – Plated Finish