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Realising your vision

We are focused on realising any creative vision of a customer and making it a reality, impossible is not a word in the Robertston vocabulary. If a design can be created and drawn on paper our team will ensure that it is brought to life through a wide variety of toolsets. 

At Robertson we have the ability to work with materials not often considered possible in the manufacture of door hardware, taking the creative potential to new levels. With over one hundred and fifty years of experience, we have the expertise, passion and dedication to deliver world-class creative ironmongery.

Robertson Tec


Designs not only look great when sampled and photographed, but they also look stunning when fitted.

Click below to view some projects that we have completed, and this showcases how stunning creative visions are when they are installed.

custom hardware
custom hardware
custom door handle


In house manufacturing

We have in house manufacturing facilities, and this ensure that we can better meet the customers requirements due to our understanding of the build processes.

Great product knowledge

Our team has a great understanding of how our product is fitted and which ensures that while a great design can be created, it will also be utilised as a working object and not just an ornament.

Flexible service levels

Due to our ownership of our supply chain this allows us to greater control and ensure high service levels and premium quality product.


Highly experienced team

Our team has many years’ experience in manufacture, engineering and assemble of metal hardware products. Our understanding also extends to how materials react and change in different environments and over time.

Ability to work with a wide range of materials

We don’t only work with brass and metal materials, but have wide experience working with stones and marbles, leather, glass and even wood.