Established in 2000, we are continuing a family tradition, a long-standing hardware association that dates to the late 1800s.

Over one hundred and fifty years of dedication and experience in the industry stands us in good stead.

Robertson Technical designs and manufactures totally custom and semi-custom hardware for high-end residences and commercial buildings around the world. We work with Designers and Architects and we are passionate about turning your vision into reality and delivering to the highest levels of client expectation.

Robertson Tec History
Robertson Tec Experience


Realising creative visions. We are focused on realising any creative vision of a customer and making it a reality, impossible is not a word in the Robertston vocabulary.

If a design can be created and drawn on paper our team will ensure that it is brought to life through a wide variety of toolsets. At Robertson we have the ability to work with materials not often considered possible in the manufacture of door hardware, taking the creative potential to new levels.

With over one hundred and fifty years of experience, we have the expertise, passion and dedication to deliver world-class creative ironmongery.

Core Values

The Robertson team always conducts itself with the utmost professionalism and our team passionately leads, cares and makes decisions with six clear features summed up in the acronym of CREATE. These are:


Our client care and decision making are consistent and we ensure that it always is in view of achieving our vision.


We feel it’s important to have divulged responsibility so that our employees are empowered to keep projects moving, and that they own the creation of a clients vision.


Our team is always enthused and ready for a challenge, creative juices are kept flowing through positive can-do attitudes.


The talent pool within Robertson’s is a highly creative top talent, which we ensure all are accountable for the high standards they can achieve.


Deep-rooted in our core values is transparency which leads to honesty, loyalty and openness allowing us to better work together as a team.


All our employees are empathetic which allows the highest level of customer service. Our values and transparency leads to honesty, loyalty and openness allowing us to better work together as a team.